50 Reasons to go Teetotal (Part 2)

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Photo credit: Nils van der Burg

’50 reasons to go teetotal: part 1′

Right, 25 more reasons to go teetotal! Here we go…

26. Enjoy food more (thanks to ciaracantdance for this)

27. Keep control of your diet (avoid drunken kebab trips, for example!)

28. Save money on taxis

29. Reduce your risk of depression

30. Live life on life’s terms

A few insights about drinking

31. Get your sundays back

32. Set a good example for your kids

33. Reduce your chances of liver disease

34. Have better relationships

35. Demonstrate to others that it is possible to have fun without alcohol

36. Learn to relax without alcohol

37. Reduce your risk of dementia

38. Keep your wits about you on nights out and avoid dangerous situations

39. Find it easier to stick to goals such as quitting smoking or healthy eating

40. Retain control

January Teetotalism – what’s the verdict?

41. Reduce your chances of getting cancer of the mouth, neck or throat

42. Improve your self esteem

43. Learn to face problems head on

44. Remember fun social occasions

45. Get rid of dark circles and rosy noses

46. Maintain the checkpoints between your brain and your mouth

47. Develop the confidence to resist peer pressure

48. Reduce your risk of getting high blood pressure

49. Improve the health of your heart

50. Spend the money you save on something amazing!

Do we really want alcohol, or just a treat?

Feel free to comment if you can think of any other great reasons to go teetotal!

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