Today’s run

photo credit: Kekka

A day off from work provided a nice opportunity to bash out some miles on the treadmill.  A pre-run fuel-up of, um, chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream (I know, not top of the list of Runner’s World recommended nutritional items) turned out to be a surprisingly good boost.

I clocked up just over 10k in total, but again this was in bursts of varying speed rather than all at once.  Unlike most runners, I prefer intervals to long runs… probably due to having the concentration span of plankton.

Anyway here’s how my run went:

2k – outside (in the sun! Hurrah!) meandering my way to the gym, with a few hills thrown in despite the trauma of last time.

Arrived at the gym.  Dying.

6k – on treadmill, starting off slow and gradually building up the speed

3 x 500m at speeds varying from 12k/h to 15k/h, depending on how much my lungs felt they were going to actually explode

1k – slow jog home

Feeling good now, but I will feel even better once I’ve had my post-run recovery snack of the other half of chocolate fudge cake.  Maybe Runner’s World are missing a trick there! 🙂


My run this morning

This morning I got my backside to the gym and ran just over 13.4km. Not all at once (would probably kill me) but I did it nonetheless.

Potomac River Running Feet
Photo credit: Mr. T in DC

After years of running on a comfortable plateau, I actually want to to use these two years to improve my speeds, stamina and general times over 5k, 10k and dare I say it a half marathon (a distance I have never achieved but I intend to crawl smash it during these two years.  More about my running goals here). So I’ve been experimenting with those hallowed practices of intervals, tempo runs and fartlek (but not hill runs.  Because they suck.)

So this is how I broke down my 13.4km (did I mention I ran 13.4km? Not that I’m proud of that at all!)

2.5km – gentle jog outside, meandering to the gym (emphasis on gentle)

6km – steady run on the treadmill, starting off extremely slow (8k/h) and building up to about 12k/h.

2km – fast tempo run (12k/h – OK OK, it’s fast for me alright?)

3 x 500m at 15k/h with 90secs rest between (ish).  These really did a number on me and reduced me to a sweaty, hyperventilating, scarlet mess.  I’m told this is meant to mean something good, but it felt like dying.

400m – slooooooow jog

1k – steady run home

So now I’m sat, drenched and more than a little smelly (delightful).  Feeling of satisfaction is immense.  Feeling like I’ve been put through a shredder, dropped from the fourth floor and then run over – not so immense.

Such is the joy of running!

Devil on shoulder of runner
photo credit: aaipodpics