My billionaire’s list

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So: as you know, I started my little adventure on 1st January wanting to overhaul my life in numerous different ways.  I did the usual new year thing: I set myself resolutions, I made myself all kinds of promises to be kinder, more productive, more patient, happier, etc etc.

But I never really stopped to look at how good I’ve got it, right now.

I have recently developed an interest in Buddhism.  Despite worshipping at the altar of Atheism, as anyone who knows me will tell you, the philosophy of Buddhism speaks to me on a number of levels.  One of the things which Buddhism encourages is gratitude for what you have now.  Not constantly striving for something more.

So today, I’m digressing slightly from the mission statement of this blog and taking stock of what I’ve got right now.

I don’t have a billion pounds.  But I have so many things that are worth a billion pounds to me.

My billionaire’s list. 

– I have the most wonderful partner, who is supportive, patient, loyal and one of the most caring people I’ve ever met (not to mention insanely good-looking ;-)) – although clearly insane and/or blind 🙂

– My family is totally the bee’s knees.  There is so much love in my family it could practically burst.  (Not that you could tell from the number of insults flying around the room).

– I’m studying Psychology which I find incredibly interesting

– I have my health.  There really is no underestimating this one.  I have a working pair of eyes, arms and legs, and all my organs are in the right place and crack on with their designated job without complaint.  This makes me thousands of times better off than the millions of people who do not have these things.

– Similarly, I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge, clean water and money coming in every month from a job I enjoy.

– I have friends who I know I’ll be friends with when I’m old and grey

So that’s quite a list.  Next time I complain (which I do frequently), I will remind myself of this list.  I know that if I ever want to feel like a billionaire, I have a list of things I wouldn’t sell for a billion pounds, or a trillion.

So how about you – what would you put on your billionaire’s list?