Why I’m going cold turkey on facebook

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Say you have a day off work to study.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll start the day with an unfeasibly optimistic plan such as: start work at 7am; write 2,000 words of assignment; complete reading for next assignments; go for run; make salad etc.

However (again if you’re anything like me), your day will probably look more like the following:

8:00: get coffee

8:05: check Facebook, Twitter, emails, BBC news

8:15: write essay title at top of page

8:17: check Facebook, Twitter, emails, BBC news

8:19: watch T-Mobile video of Royal Wedding

8:20: watch it again

8:25: get out textbook and open to right page.  Read same paragraph three times.

8:30: Have break.   Check Twitter and Facebook.  Look at photos of kittens asleep with piglets.

8:35: Play Angry Birds

10:30: Feel sick and disgusted with self for addiction with Angry Birds.  Vow to take just one more shot at that wooden rafter, which if I could just hit in the right spot would totally bring the whole house down.  DAMN YOU PIGS.  AND STOP LAUGHING!

10:45: Think to self: really must work now.

10:46: Shut down Angry Birds in fit of productivity.

10:47: Check Facebook, Twitter, emails, BBC news.  Read article on how the Dyson was invented.  Think ‘James Dyson was really inspirational.  I wish I was hardworking like him.’

10:48: Check Facebook, Twitter, emails, BBC news.  Rewatch T-Mobile Royal Wedding.

11:00: Write the word ‘introduction’ at the top of brand new notebook.  Stare into space.

11:15: Break for snack and coffee.

And so on.  You get my point.

While the above is possibly a slight exaggeration, it is disturbingly close to the truth.  I pride myself on never channel hopping or letting daytime TV drain away hours of my life; but instead I am happy to spend my time compulsively refreshing a website which is possibly even less rewarding than watching The Jeremy Kyle show.

I end the day with that faint shiver of self disgust: I know I could have done so much more.

So it’s got to go.  I’m determined to be more productive.  This is my new plan:

No Facebook, no Twitter and no unnecessary internet usage for the next month (until 22nd April).

(I will keep blogging though 🙂

I’ll report back and let you know what other time-wasting activity I have devised!


21 thoughts on “Why I’m going cold turkey on facebook

  1. Great article. I have recently written an article about this subject. I’ve gone for less of a cold turkey approach but it’s working so far (today being an exception since I’ve been on the road for 6+ hours and have caught myself in a similar loop you described for the last 3 or 4 hours. Enough… Bedtime! 🙂

  2. Yep I did that too! 🙂 First week was the hardest, then I was like, “why didn’t I go this sooner?!” I actually “deactivated” my account for a couple months, so I wouldn’t be tempted to check it. I returned to FB later, but honestly I rarely even log in anymore–so many updates and changes and privacy concerns– I’m just not a big FB fan anymore.

    • it’s amazing the number of people who end up getting rid of facebook! I really missed it for about a day, and now I don’t miss it at all. Don’t think I could bring myself to permanently delete it though… 🙂

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