Day 15: making progress

It’s been just over two weeks, and things are going well.

You know that theory where people say your stomach shrinks? And you supposedly start to feel less hungry, as you adapt to cheerily having two broadbeans and an apple per day? The thing that never, EVER happens?

Well guess what, it’s happening!

I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but my appetite is shrinking.

Now, it’s hard to explain how much of a feat this is without you understanding how spectacular my appetite usually is.  Let’s just say that, apparently, my ex flatmate’s dad still talks about the amount of pasta I ate in one sitting over six years ago.  You have Mount Kilimanjaro, you have Mount Everest, and then you have that plate of pasta.

So when teatime came around this evening and I cooked for my partner, I heard someone say the words: ‘I don’t really fancy anything, I’m not hungry.’ After some confusion, I realised those words had been spoken by me.  ME.  And I’m still not hungry at 9pm.  It’s a miracle.

The running is also going well… ish.  I’m starting to adapt to the low-carb regime (rules here) and my body is reluctantly surrendering all the fat it’s been greedily holding onto.  I ran 6km on Friday, and 5km this morning.  Still a reduction on what I’d like, but it’s something.

I’ve also lost 11lbs.

photo credit: Rev Dan Catt

So for now, it’s going well.  However, I am constantly teetering on the brink of a malteser-related disaster.  I’ll keep you posted!

Read more about low carb dieting.


11 thoughts on “Day 15: making progress

  1. Awesome! I find that sometimes my appetite shrinks, but I’m usually starving the next day. However, when I don’t eat any sugar, I’m less hungry than usual.
    Anyway, congrats on your success so far!

  2. Congrats!

    Being a data hog myself I’d be interested to see how much of your progress is due to good-ol’ calorie deficits vs. how much is due to “fat-burning mode” from the low-carb diet. Any chance you’d consider keeping a calorie diary for scientific purposes? 😛

    Keep up the great work. How much time are you spending on your 5 and 6 km runs? I always feel like I have to sprint until I can’t stand anymore and I can just barely make it to 5km in 30 minutes haha!

    • I would definitely be interested in that although my measurements are usually ‘a handful’ or ‘a bucketload’ so my calorie measures would be an extremely wild guess! lol. I’m the same with running – not fast at all! It depends whether I do it all in one go or in intervals. At the moment I’m having to do it in bits because if the low carb (so I’ll run 1km, walk for a bit etc). On a good day (i.e. a carby day!) I could maybe do 5km in about 26-27 mins but I’d have to really sprint my socks off!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  3. Don’t worry too much about time while you run. You gain more benefit from the slower, even pace than by pushing yourself on those runs. As to the decreased appetite, you are taking a higher density diet and you do not need as much food to sate yourself. Better than the low carb is more protein from veggies and eliminating the majority of your processed foods. The nutrient density of this change is considerably better for you and can even reverse the effects of previous unhealthy eating and drinking.
    All that aside, you are awesome! I love the changes and the commitment to health and fitness. Keep going!

    • Thanks so much for your helpful advice. You’re right it is much healthier to eat naturally, and I’m really trying to trim out all the unnatural, processed foods from my diet. Thanks so much for your kind words too! 🙂

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