Low carbing: progress so far

Lose weight now
photo credit: Alan Cleaver

Today is Day 4 of my low carb adventure (read the rules here). 

So far it is going well: I have constant amounts of energy rather than bursts and falls.  I feel much healthier and more in control.  My appetite has also virtually disappeared (which is extremely unusual for me!)

I have also – wait for it – lost five pounds! At a rate of over 1lb per day I’m not complaining.

Now, I know this is lies.  I know it’s impossible to lose 5lbs of fat in three days, and that it’s just water, bla bla.  I know all that.  But it’s hard not to do a little dance of happiness when I get on the scales in the morning (an internal happy dance – dancing is not on the agenda at 6am).

My diet today is looking something like this:

Grazing during the day at work.  I have a selection of:

– mixed nuts

– a vegetable smoothie (avacado and low fat yoghurt)

– olives

– fat free cottage cheese

– anchovies

When I get home tonight I’m going to do a big stirfry with lots of veggies and tofu.

I’m also going to get my backside to the gym for the first time since starting this plan: 7km is supposedly on the cards, but it depends how much of a pounding my body is prepared to take.  Will update you tomorrow!


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