Today’s run

photo credit: Kekka

A day off from work provided a nice opportunity to bash out some miles on the treadmill.  A pre-run fuel-up of, um, chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream (I know, not top of the list of Runner’s World recommended nutritional items) turned out to be a surprisingly good boost.

I clocked up just over 10k in total, but again this was in bursts of varying speed rather than all at once.  Unlike most runners, I prefer intervals to long runs… probably due to having the concentration span of plankton.

Anyway here’s how my run went:

2k – outside (in the sun! Hurrah!) meandering my way to the gym, with a few hills thrown in despite the trauma of last time.

Arrived at the gym.  Dying.

6k – on treadmill, starting off slow and gradually building up the speed

3 x 500m at speeds varying from 12k/h to 15k/h, depending on how much my lungs felt they were going to actually explode

1k – slow jog home

Feeling good now, but I will feel even better once I’ve had my post-run recovery snack of the other half of chocolate fudge cake.  Maybe Runner’s World are missing a trick there! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Today’s run

  1. OMG – I totally LOVE your style!!!! :D. I ate half a huge slab of sherry sultana cake yesterday. Then felt guilty for a while. Then ate a chinese banquet for dinner lol. In my defence I did walk to school (2km) and back twice.

    Love your blog :-).


    • Hi Meg! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂 The sherry sultana cake and chinese banquet sounds amazing! It’s amazing how quickly the guilt wears off isn’t it 🙂 Although in your case that mega walk definitely makes up for it!

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