Ethical living

If I had to capture this blog in a single topic, it would be something like ‘trying to lead a better life, mostly floundering but doing my best’ (catchy I know). And part of living a better life, I think, is trying to be more ethically aware. None of us live in a vacuum and all our actions impact on others.

I used to write a little blog on ethical issues (original blog here: and although it has now basically died, a lot of the issues I touched upon are still close to my heart. So I’m going to post a few of my favourites here under a new topic. Yes, I’m plagiarising, if the WordPress bods are watching, but I’m plagiarising myself so I’m pretty sure that’s OK…

My first post will be about veganism, and ways to incorporate its principles into your diet without going the whole hog. It’s also pertinent to health. So stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Ethical living

  1. I just stumbled on your blog…and as a teetotal, psuedo-vegan, on and off again runner…I feel like I have found myself on the internet. Creepy…but, in a good way!

  2. I was a vegetarian from age 21 to 39! I started then working for Bon Appetit magazine, meeting a lot of chefs, going to a lot of culinary events and I couldn’t resist all the meat treats! My husband and sons are happy that I eat meat now but I do miss the lifestyle—plus I’ve gained weight 😦

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