Welcome to my little teetotal world

Teetotal Street
photo credit: Andrew M Butler

This is a page about the frustrations, difficulties, pleasures and insights gained from going teetotal for a full 730 days for charity, starting 1st January 2013 (more on being teetotal ).

I am constantly trying to find ways to live life better – usually one step forward and two steps back.  I want to use these teetotal two years (try saying that after a couple of beers) as an opportunity to really change my life .  This (often tongue-in-cheek) blog is about my teetotal journey, replacing alcohol with health, happiness and self discovery.

If you would like to help me raise money for Alcohol Concern, you can nosy on over to my sponsorship page here.

Otherwise feel free to do a ‘Come Dine with Me’ – look around, snoop through the drawers and bitch about the teetotal decor.


PS. If you do like this little blog, please take a moment to like my facebook page  (to the right, up a bit, there you go!)

PPS. If you don’t like it feel free to leave a comment saying why! Just accompany your comment with a picture of puppies and/or kittens to take the edge off 🙂

A few posts to get you started:

50 reasons to go teetotal (part 1)

50 reasons to go teetotal (part 2)

Why I don’t stick to a running regime (and just run when I feel like it)

What do you think about while you’re running?

Low carb eating: the rules

Who do you shower with? A new way to meditate

Aim High-001
photo credit: Ludie Cochrane

92 thoughts on “Welcome to my little teetotal world

  1. Hey there!

    First, I just wanted to drop a note to say ‘Hello’ and to ‘Thank You’ for following ‘His Daily Dose’. We’re super excited to have you as a reader, and I am honestly stoked about reading your page! Secondly, way to go in dumping the alcohol!! This is such an accomplishment! Keep pressing forward, because I know your story is encouraging many hearts 🙂 Have a beautiful remainder of the week!


    Christy Becker

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